This tutorial was made in PSP 8 but can be done using other paint programs that support layers and  lighten/darken tools




The base used in this tutorial is owned by  Kawaii Dollies. Please read the rules for using this base at Kawaii's.

Add a new layer and draw the outlines of your jeans. Duplicate this layer. Select your original layer and fill it with a lighter color blue than the outlines (the layer with the outlines is above the layer filled with the lighter color). 

Select Paint Brush Lighter/Darker () (with the following settings: Size: 1, Hardness: 0, Opacity: 90) and draw the highlights (lighter colors) in your jeans. Push the rightmouse button at the same time and you'll have shadows (darker colors). Start with a low opacity and raise the opacity for extra highlights (in my case the inside of the pockets)

Select the inside of the jeans. Go to Adjust - Add/remove Noise - Add noise. Add a monotone noise, depending on the size of your jeans, I added a noise of 8. 


Add a new layer and draw with a lighter color blue (or white) some highligts.

Go to Adjust - Blur - Guassian Blur. I took a range of 2, but this also depend on the size of your jeans.  Select the outsite of your jeans. Activate the layer with the blur and push Delete once to remove blur outside your jeans.


We're almost there! Look at your jeans, perhaps you want to add/remove pixels? If you are satisfied, ,erge your jeanslayers and there you are! Your jeans is finished!

Have fun with this tutorials and if you have any questions, remarks of you want to link this tutorial, pleas email me :)


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